We are passionate about working with you to co-create organisational cultures where people thrive, where your employees are able to achieve their highest and best and as a result, contribute to your company’s highest and best.

Culture Change

Our approach is based on the theory and model of self-actualizing organizations which incorporates the work of authors such as Jim Collins, Peter Drucker and Marcus Buckingham, but extends this with the insights of positive psychology and neuro-semantics and the extensive work of Dr Michael Hall.

We’ve also drawn on our own experience of working in both empowering and disempowering cultures and turned those experiences into positive, powerful and practical tools and techniques for building your own ‘culture where people thrive.’

Creating a Leadership Brand

We work with you to create a unique leadership brand which differentiates your leaders from those of your competitors, creating a compelling reason for talented people to work for you rather than the competitor. We translate your leadership brand into behavioural statements that you can use to assess your leaders’ performance, giving you an objective standard against which to measure your leaders and provide meaningful feedback to achieve positive behavioural change. We customize a leadership development program based on your unique leadership brand to provide your leaders with the skills to close the gap between knowing your leadership brand, and actually putting it into practice on a daily basis.

Change Management

Many organisations are aware that the number one reason that projects fail is because of a lack of change management. Few, however, have the resources to turn that knowledge into practical ways in which to manage the people issues surrounding a change initiative.

This is where Optimal can play a critical role in supporting your change initiative. We blend a range of coaching tools and methodologies with cutting edge change management approaches to tailor-make a change management strategy which supports your change initiatives.

We address components of intent, purpose and meaning, as well those of action and performance. This takes our approach beyond the boundaries of traditional change management into the area of facilitating lasting and meaningful change.

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