It is also useful to describe coaching by explaining what it is NOT. This excerpt is taken from Dr Michael Hall’s book….


It is NOT a substitute for performance management.
It is NOT the passing on of wisdom from someone who has gained experience in a certain field (that is mentoring).
It is NOT for people who cannot cope (that is therapy)
It is NOT teaching you what to do in a situation (that is training)
It is NOT about trying to find a solution to your problem (that is consulting)
It is NOT about trying to understand the past, but is focused on finding solutions for the future.

Coaching is a confidential relationship between a client and a coach, where the coach truly believes in that individual, or in that team’s potential. The coaching process allows a client to identify their goals and ambitions and the coach facilitates growth by providing different perspectives, challenging where appropriate and holding them accountable so that their goals are achieved.”

Our coaching approach is based on the Meta-Coaching system which transcends traditional Performance Coaching by taking you to higher levels of development and transformation as a person. It is the only coaching system based on Self-Actualization Psychology which focuses specifically on how to awaken and actualize the highest and best in people and facilitate people achieving peak performance in their chosen areas.

Meta-Coaching works with the thoughts and feelings “in the back of the mind”. In this way, the coach can identify the important beliefs, frames, understandings, permissions, decisions etc, of the client, and in so doing, find the leverage point for transformative change.

Awaken the possibilities in your life with our unique self-development coaching program. Tailor-made to meet your needs, and holding your goals in mind, a skilled coach will create an environment in which you feel safe, understood, appreciated and valued.

The coaching sessions are ‘unstructured’. This means that the content of your coaching session is led by you. The role of your coach is to give you feedback, challenge where appropriate, and facilitate your finding solutions and opening up new possibilities.

A self-development coaching program is recommended for anyone who wants as much out of life as possible and won’t settle for less.

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