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We work with individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to empower people to thrive.


We work with individuals  through coaching, training and online learning  opportunities to awaken the possibilities in people’s lives and unleash their potential.


We work with leaders through coaching, training and consulting to open up new ways of leading and empowering people to achieve their full potential and  thrive.


We work with teams through group coaching, training and facilitation opportunities to create bonds of trust, purpose and vision so that the team self-organizes to perform.


We work with organizations through training, facilitation and consulting opportunities to partner the company in creating organizational cultures where people thrive.

Three words describe our style of work...


All our work is grounded in positive psychology. We believe that people strive to reach their potential in a process called self-actualization, which can be obstructed or supported by a variety of conditions.……………………


  • We look for the greatness in human beings by nurturing what is best and acknowledging how things go right.
  • We broaden and build upon strengths and then focus on what is holding a person, team or organization back from being even better.
  • We find the core change that will have the most impact. In this way, we spend less time on the problem and more time on the solution.


An intervention which is powerful in one context is not necessarily powerful in another…When custom-designing an intervention for you, we start with a blank page and create the approach specifically for your environment.


  • In doing so, we focus on the individual and organisational nuances, challenges and rules of engagement.
  • We leverage what currently works in the organisation, compensate for any weaknesses, and harness existing opportunities. Even our more standardized interventions can be customized to reflect the nuances that make your team or organization unique.
  • We aim to empower, not to create a dependency…When we walk away you’ll know what to do and why it is important for you, your team or your organisation. We strive to give you more than expected and we will give you everything you need to do things on your own.


We are passionate about closing the ‘knowing-doing’ gap…This is the gap that often exists between knowing what to do and actually doing it, between abstract, theoretical knowledge and practical application.…………………………………………….


  • At Optimal, we work to translate theory into straight-forward, practical tools you can apply immediately back in the work environment.
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